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"A Home For Our Children"

  • By Dave  Carino · Philippines, The, APEC


Dave  Carino

Main aim of the charity

Nueva Ecija Backpackers & Mountaineers Community Inc. is a Non-Government Organization actively participate and promote environmental awareness. Thru to partnership with National and Local government we lunch our major project " The Project reLEAF" it was started early 2015 and our goals is to cover and plant tress the 87 hectare reforestation site in our province. It is located in Sierra Madre Mountain Range that is a big cover and shield to our province from storm or cyclone. Due to massive illegal Logging and Carbon making the mountain rage have damage and cause landslide, Flashflood and lost of lives during storm and rainy season. This is the main objective of the organization to reforest the mountain range and provide alternative livelihood opportunities to the locals by teaching them planting tree nursery which we buy and plant in the mountain and at the same time they keep the mountain sacred for reforestation.

How the employee got involved and why

I am a member of a non government organization, promoting environmental awareness and importance of having a healthy environment. I love being in the nature and it is become my passion to help and protect our environment, we started this program early 2015 and I continue joining and doing this charitable work in full support after my duty with DHL I actively participate in the organization event to raise a support for our projects. with in 3 years of volunteering our charitable cause extended not only by rebuilding our mother nature but also providing opportunities to have a better education for young children in rural areas we are conducting outreach program.

What work does the employee do for charity?

I am part of the leaders for planning and implantation of the projects, our main focus is to promote environment awareness thru tree planting activity and giving livelihood opportunities the locals living in the mountain.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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