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  • By Pe Maurice Miangbeu MAMY · Guinea Republic, SSA


Pe Maurice Miangbeu MAMY

Main aim of the charity

At CENTRE ELOGE-SERVICES ours project is to help and supervise people and allow social harmonization. Our actions are on a human scale and focus on the problems facing our fellow citizens, to provide a concrete action such as: Sharing food, clothes and to needed people. To the harmonization of life in society we sustainable and sustainable human development such as promoting education, training to allow people to sustain their own live by apprenticeship . Center Eloge-Services acts for the poorest,develops assistance and provides the poorest means to escape by sharing. Involves in projects to improve the quality of life of people while putting a lot of emphasis on values ​​such as love, sharing, self-esteem Center Eloge-Services works in a spirit of cooperation and community, we work in the framework of strengthening social cohesion.

How the employee got involved and why

We found that the number of vulnerable people was growing bigger in our community and also in the streets of Conakry. And a desire born in our heart (my wife and I) to support those vulnerable people. From there was born the Centre Eloge-Services. A charitable association to bring love, joy and smiles to the hearts of vulnerable people. This involves helping their primary need: food, clothing. And their social insertion with time

What work does the employee do for charity?

At Centre Eloge-Services, our mission is dedicated to people of all ages in need. That is why we are presently committed to reducing inequalities in our societies. We invest in humanitarian work, coaching advice and social inversion of people, we are focused on meeting the basic needs of our fellow citizens. This by the provision of good of first necessity food and clothing for the emancipation of the most vulnerable.

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