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Alpe d'Huzes and DHL Kidsday

  • By Laura  Migchels · Netherlands, Europe


Alpe d'Huzes and DHL Kidsday

Main aim of the charity

Stop the illness cancer. And children disserve to have a great day and the parents can't give the children this because there is no money. Every child disserve a big smile on there face. Kidsday is in the Netherland

How the employee got involved and why

I have got a colleague with cancer and several family members. To raise money for more medical research for cancer. I have raised 2500 euro's on my own and with the team we together we have raised 21000 euro. Also ones in a year we organize DHL Kidsday. This is a day for childeren who has parents with a minimum income and we give them a great day. This day lots of colleague are volunteers and make this day happen. Also with fundraising from other companies.

What work does the employee do for charity?

Alpe d'Huzes: I have made a lot of sponsor campaigns. With Sinterklaas I have made some sweetbags and sold this also sold handmade bicycles - Keyhangers (bike) - sold special edition Alpe d'Huzes gin. With easter I have sold glasses filled with chocolate eggs. All this money has been given to Alpe d'Huzes (cancer instituut). DHL Kidsday: We will create a wonderfull day. Made a sportsday for the children.

What impact would winning have on the charity?

Next year I will do the Alpe d'Huzes again and this will help rays money for the cancer instituut. Also it will help so make DHL Kidsday 2019 possible so the kids will have a wonderfull day again in 2019.

What impact would winning have on the employee?

The impact is that we can continue all the good work and we will do our best to do more fundraising and make people happy and hope that no one dies with the illness cancer. And we make a lot of children happy with DHL Kidsday.

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