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Annick For Kenya

  • By Hans Dotremont · Brussels HUB, Europe


Annick For Kenya

Main aim of the charity

Access to water for all , education for all ( girls to become dresmaker ) , Medical support for all = helping people in getting medical support . Everyone should become those 3 basic rights .

How the employee got involved and why

I joined the project of my Brother in Law (Eddy Van Uytsel) in 2011 , who is active in Kenya since 2009 . Eddy asked me to join him one time (2011) , after seeing all good things he realized over there I joined as a permanent volunteer . Beside myself we also have 3 other volunteers who joined our project since many years => Liesbeth , Ann , Inge => 3 teachers ( English / Dressmaking )

What work does the employee do for charity?

Provinding water to the poorest people (drilling or digging waterhols ) Education => building classrooms , founded Annick for Kenya tailoring college , girls study to become dressmaker. Healt / Care make sure poorest people get medical support . In Kenya in am the handyman => placing watertubes / basic electricity via solar system to provide power / light in the classrooms , painting works , maintenance on sewing machines .....hanging water gutters HOW => organizing / finding funds by organizing several events in our home country . Funds coming from gouvernement ? sponsoring money from companies ,sponsoring money from individuals .

What impact would winning have on the charity?

By winning the DHL's got Heart we should be able to support more people , as everyone should get access to water , get education and medical care ( specially children ) Our work is only a drop on a hot plate , but all small things together gives a good result

What impact would winning have on the employee?

I ( and our complete team of volunteers) am very proud of the realizations so far , but my aim is to continue supporting people , so the more people we can help the better . What in live in better then helping others .. that makes me happy , gives me sense of satisfaction .

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