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  • By Assia Boulmsael · France, Europe


Assia Boulmsael

Main aim of the charity

Organiser et fêter l’anniversaire des enfants gravement malade et les enfants hospitalisés atteint de maladies orphelines ; à l’hôpital le jour de l’anniversaire de l’enfant une après-midi exceptionnelle pour un jour exceptionnel lui est entièrement dédiée avec une belle décoration d’anniversaire personnalisée soigneusement choisie selon ses goûts, un goûter d’anniversaire et des animations appropriées selon l’âge de l’enfant ; parce que tout est merveilleux dans le regard et le sourire d’un enfant le jour de son anniversaire anivoeux propose une parenthèse de bonheur pour l’enfant et sa famille dans ce moment particulièrement difficile. Organize and celebrate the anniversary of severely ill children and hospitalized children with orphan diseases; At the hospital on the day of the child's birthday an exceptional afternoon for an exceptional day it is entirely dedicated with a beautiful personalized birthday decoration carefully chosen according to its tastes, a birthday snack and Appropriate animations according to the age of the child; Because everything is wonderful in the look and smile of a child on the day of his birthday Anivoeux offers a parenthesis of happiness for the child and his family in this particularly difficult moment.

How the employee got involved and why

It was on 2017, my daughter had a friend who was very sick, cancer. Unfortunately he passed away. I met his mother and I was very sad about what happened. Before his death, on his birthday, this little boy create an association to all the sick children with the aim to celebrate birthday at hospital.

What work does the employee do for charity?

The goal of the association is to celebrate birthday for sick children. So we have to do all our best to give a wonderful day for their birthday. My mission is to deal with partnership, to organize activities during their birthday party but also organize activites our of the hospital like to “The art of the Bricks : DC SUPER HEROES”

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