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Asociación Pastoral Urbana

  • By Walter Elías Fernández Corrales · Afghanistan, Americas


Asociación Pastoral Urbana

Main aim of the charity

Give street people an opportunity to get out of that situation and achieve a dignified life.

How the employee got involved and why

I got involved in this group, because in my city was increasing the population of the street, and was becoming a social problem. One day, chatting with a friend I told her that or wanted to do something to find a solution to that problem. She told me that a group had started to help this population and invited me to participate. The next day, I introduced myself to the place, and two years later, I belong to a group that has changed lives; From the beneficiaries to the members of the group. Today, through the group, many inhabitants of the street returned to a dignified life, what was once a problematic population became a population of service to the community and every day continues to achieve success stories.

What work does the employee do for charity?

I get involved in field work, as I regularly have to cook, wash dishes, serve food, clean, administer the winery, help in the bathroom by supplying clothes and keep the toilet, transport the items needed, buy something missing, between Many other tasks. My job is totally what the beneficiaries and the group need.

What impact would winning have on the charity?

Being the chosen nomination would influence us on a large scale, as we could take our mission to more places and could help more people have the opportunity to reach a dignified life. In these two years, it has been achieved that many beneficiaries leave the streets, but if we were elected, we could start a dream that we want to achieve. That dream is to start a “Home”, which tries to get a place where we give not only food, clothes and bath; If not a place where they can also sleep and we can provide better tools to transform their lives.

What impact would winning have on the employee?

I would really be eternally more grateful to DHL than I am, as the company has changed my life and supported me in many aspects of my life. But to know that the company where I work is part of this great cause, and that when I see a beneficiary leaving the streets, to say that DHL allowed him or her to transform his life. And also, I would become a means for people to be encouraged to participate not only in my cause, but in any charitable cause.

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