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Build the Present to have the Future

  • By Enas Al- Shaibani · Yemen, Republic Of, MENA


Build the Present to have the Future

Main aim of the charity

The Main aim to help more people and make a difference in a society has been killed by war to get bad education and very low health care. Our charitable even is not that big it will show and motive other people that we can change to better if we care about the present.

How the employee got involved and why

How did you get involved with a charitable cause and why? Since I started work with DHL twelve years ago, I have decided to donate my share of my salary to people in need and I had faith that I would make a difference. I started off by helping my relatives and with each raise, the circle of people benefiting grew larger to reach my neighbors: clothes for children, toys and food, as much as I could. Last year, I started organizing activities for children with a group of friends aiming at combating fear and grave consequences of war on them. This year, we have decided as a group of DHL employees to be involved with Alkhair Foundation for Social Development driven by the belief that children are the our future. Fifteen grateful DHL employees decided to raise funds through what we have founded-(DHL's Got Heat). We save money for three months just to afford for children in needs, and help our society to go through this hard time. So, each quarter, with the support of DHL, we would present children with gifts organized by Alkhair Foundation for Social Development. Genuine heartfelt moments like these make a difference for those in agony and distress. Our project aims at bringing relief for children in Aljomhori Hospital suffering of cancer, and as one of my colleagues says, " Wealth is not money, not beauty and not fame; HEALTH is our wealth. May Allah protect us and our loved ones and heal those kids who are suffering from cancer."

What work does the employee do for charity?

Our work with those children involves spending time with them supporting them financially, morally and by any other means necessary to those children and their families and in an attempt to give them a hope that the future will be better soon and we are always there for them in anytime.

What impact would winning have on the charity?

To win means to secure a more effective support to Alkhair Foundation to reach out to more people in need and make a difference in a society that is suffering the consequences of war: low education and health care standards and services.

What impact would winning have on the employee?

The impact will be tremendous and will crown our endeavors to contribute to our country in such hard times. We will restore faith in humanity in the hearts of many who will hopefully follow or lead so that it does not stop there.

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