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Elderly People · 01:25

Couldn´t look away

  • By Drasko Dejanovic · Croatia, Europe


Couldn´t look away

Main aim of the charity

I´m doing this to show my child and the community, that every person deserves dignity and respect.

How the employee got involved and why

In winter 2015. y. my friends told me about a very sad and difficult story of an old man that lives without food, water and electricity in an empty ruined house, just 80 km from the capital of Croatia, Zagreb city, where I live today. The story moved me so deeply I had to follow my heart so I found myself in a small city of Vojnić asking around about this old man Milan (that was all information I had at that time). They pointed me to a small village in that county.

What work does the employee do for charity?

I´ve met a small, rumpled, humble old man, with only one eye and no smile on his face. After hearing on what conditions he is living in, I explained that I want to help him. I decided to involve some people I know to bring the first thing every human cannot live without: food, water and clothing. After a while we started to bring building materials such as bricks, tiles, plaster and furnishing.Meanwhile, his good neighbour agreed to give him connection to his water plug, just as long as it is paid for. I ´ve managed to get him electricity plug from the city, but we´re still waiting for a green light, because he has no money, so I had to assure the authorities that I´m paying for. Currently I´ m finishing tiling in the bathroom and repairing some walls inside the house

What impact would winning have on the charity?

I m looking forward to do as much as possible. I will continue to invest by myself and help as much as I can, but any additional donation will support my project and assure that Milan has decent and dignified life.

What impact would winning have on the employee?

I believe this will encourage community and other DHL colleagues to find their own Milan. I´m not doing this for any rewards or recognitions, but to empower my own heart and to show and teach my child how important it is to respect and help those in need. To see Milan smiling again, is all I need.

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