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Welfare · 01:45

Distributing food to people in need

  • By Duaa Al Murbati · Saudi Arabia, MENA


Duaa Al Murbati

Main aim of the charity

This charitable work might aim to end hunger and poverty by providing high-quality meals to the people in need and spreading the culture of saving food from wastage

How the employee got involved and why

We heard about Saudi Food Bank and loved the idea! Being in charge in collecting quality food then distributing it to people in need. We contacted them, and they were more than welcome to have us as a part of them.

What work does the employee do for charity?

Etaam is a charitable organization that collects quality meals, and delivers them to beneficiaries recombmended by charities. We participated in the packaging of these meals, then we helped in distributing these meals to people in need and different charities.

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