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  • By Mohammed Rizvi Mohammed Shaeed · Saudi Arabia, MENA


Mohammed Rizvi Mohammed Shaeed

Main aim of the charity

• For helpless elder homes • For helpless orphanages • For poor schools in rural areas • for disable persons • for schools of children having mental disorders • for hospitals which having shortages of expensive medicines • for poor patients who do not have proper foods and other stuff • for poor families in villages

How the employee got involved and why

Four university students started this as a university project .my sister is one of the member of FOREARM. So I also involved with them. There they raised funds and helped needy people. And the end of that project they realized that they can do more and we continued it .so I help them with funds and other stuff they need and I shared my experiences with them. we wanted to spread smile and happiness among every one and to help people as we can. and we find out many areas that need help from us.so we get together to help those each and every persons and places.

What work does the employee do for charity?

Helping with funds and goods . Guiding the team. Manage funds we raise

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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