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Elderly People · 01:00

Helpless Parents' Welfare Organization (ASOHAI MA-BABA KALYAN SONGHA)

  • By Md. Ishaque Bhuiyan · Bangladesh, APEC


Helpless Parents' Welfare Organization (ASOHAI MA-BABA KALYAN SONGHA)

Main aim of the charity

We work for old neglected parents -We yearly give away food and clothes during two Occassion) -We manage free eye treatment for old people -We have managed shelter for some people -Free medical treatment and operation for poor -We have reached 200 familes and wa want to reach 3,000 families

How the employee got involved and why

I was raised and educated in my village till my higher secondary. I have seen tremendous sufferings of old neglected farmers after 50.I have seen parents have raised 10 children but 10 children after they grew up couldn't look after their mother or father.It's a matter of great sorrow that our parents who are may be farmer or may be any sort of worker in rural area don't get enough support after 50 or 60.I along with my friends then started that great initiative to support those parents.I want to reach all the villages but I have started from my village.I will go more remote areas by support from great people. I have started small but I will grow bigger gradually.

What work does the employee do for charity?

We not only create awareness about the importance of elderly people. We have manged free eye treatment for 300 old people. And also we give them food and we serve them clothes for free.We help them during two big occassions.One is Eid-ul-fitr and another is Eid-ul-adha.Believe me, we celebrate eid, we wear new clothes and they even don't feel the essence of Eid.They used to pass Eid just like other normal gloomy day.We believe we will eat, we will wear and we will smile not alone but with them also.We are doing this for many years.

What impact would winning have on the charity?

I was a regional champion last yearin DHL Got heart program.Then I could support only 200 families but we have more than 3,000 families to support.They need not only food, but also clothes and cash money as well.Our long term goal is to create such a society in my village where not a single old person will be neglected and pass life without food or cloth.

What impact would winning have on the employee?

I can remember the former country manager of DhL Bangladesh praised me a lot.From that I felt that I have gained mental peace.I have brought some sort of realization among people that you don't just work for yourself.Besides, go and explore and find those who are not as happy as you are.You may feel the scarcity of food or clothes but comparng to them it's simply nothing.

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