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Main aim of the charity

To eradicate ignorance, through educating the community succeeding generation. Instill the sense of self-esteem, self-reliance and build honorable potential self-image that create a positive permanent potentiality and established character. facilitate the creation of established permanent community school with potential of changing the lives of the present and future generations. To positively influence the community and targeted beneficiaries and ensure adequate growth, protection of common interest of educational development in the community. Identify common problems facing the community and prevent them from affecting the future generation. Instill sense of responsibility in the protection of our establishment in both the children and the community. facilitate and coordinate entrepreneurship skills in young people and the entire community for them to be able to support there families.

How the employee got involved and why

I got involve when I attended the youth day presentation of various skills by children from Human Concern community School, were they performed extremely very well and I got touch and interested to fulfill my passion for children, young people and the community. After physibility studies and sensitization of the community, Human Concern team invited community participation of well-wishers with the heart to support the vulnerable and less-privileged.

What work does the employee do for charity?

Care giving to the less-privileged and vulnerable children, motivational talks, counseling, sports training and community sensitization on the dangers of drug abuse, prostitution, early child marriage and causes, effects and prevention of HIV / AIDS. I also help in the moral and behavioral change in children by ensuring they learn to know that they are not vulnerable or less-privileged children, but children with a vision.

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