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I SUPPORT ONE FAMILY- for his child eduction (10% of my annual saving goes to the charitable cause)

  • By Nadeem Khan · India, APEC


Nadeem Khan

Main aim of the charity

The main aim of my charity to support underprivileged talented child and give him the direction to achieve his aspirations of life. The initiative is small as in my capacity I can only fund to one cause from my goal to letting out 10% of my annual saving to such cause and it gives a message to the larger community to come up and support such cause either voluntarily or through any NGO.

How the employee got involved and why

My father off course....and it actually started during my school days witnessing my dad supporting an underprivileged family- a widow and her son ( widow of one of the driver working in my dad's company). My dad was a middle class man working in semi government set up as Mining Engineer but he had that caring eye which uplifted that family. My dad use to contribute 10% of his annual saving for that underprivileged widow and her son for meeting their livelihood - basic education and health. When i grew up and got employed I also started to contribute 10% of my limited savings for that family and did that consistently year on year. Today her son after completing his ITI from a government college got employed in one factory as Technician and the now we are relaxed. The episode burnt all more charcoals in my life and I took that challenge further and continued helping at least " ONE FAMILY"

What work does the employee do for charity?

I SUPPORT ONE FAMILY for their child education. (10% of my annual saving goes to that family for his child's education.) In addition to this I am also financing underprivileged families during their daughter's marriage etc.- ONE TIME Financial Support.

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