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  • By SEHER BANU  TANER · Turkey, Europe



Main aim of the charity

The main priority & aim is the happiness of the child.

How the employee got involved and why

I enter this organisation about end of 2017, i know them from one of my friend. They promote cognitive, physical, social and emotional development of children and adults. KODA believes that even though rural schools are often remembered only with their with their priority is the happiness of the child; - teaching to learn; - the issues are processed in a connected manner without leaving the branches; - practiced in real life and in nature; - that students know each other and teachers closely; - that teachers are cooperating with families on every issue; - benefit from peer education at the highest level; - covering the differences; - democratic; - have a holistic approach to learning, as well as academic and cognitive development, as well as at least one social, emotional and physical development of children Considering as much, - we believe that there may be a personalized education according to the different interests and needs of the students. Now with KODA we went out of the pupa sailing way to pass this imaginary life; , in fact they have many advantages for quality, holistic education such as close connection between the community, families and the school; small class sizes; schools being located in the nature.

What work does the employee do for charity?

Prepairing some workshops for the kids and share with them live.

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