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Medicine · 01:29

La Casita de la Paz de Fuente de Vida ( Albergue Inspira)

  • By Gabriela Trelles · Peru, Americas


Gabriela Trelles

Main aim of the charity

Reduce the mortality of kids with cancer that come from country side with not money and they need a place to sleep , eat and stay during the cancer treatment. without shelter the kids adandon the treatments and die. If we can provide a kid the opportunity of survive why not to help and put all my energies?

How the employee got involved and why

My frriend found Albergue Inspira 10 years ago and i started workiing with him almost 2 years ago. Why? becuase a hight number of kids detected with cancer come from farway village with little or not money to Lima to get medical treatment. Inspira provide a place to stay and healthy food to the kid and 1 family member during the time that the treatment takes (there is not a limit time to stay). Our vision is to decrease the mortality of kids with cancer, the goverment provide the treatment but if they dont have a place to stay in Lima the kids abandond the treatment. we want to provide to our kids the opportunity to survive and walk with them during this difficult journey . Cancer treatment is only available in Lima, and Lukimia the most common cancer for kids, the treatment takes minimun 6 months

What work does the employee do for charity?

I have many responsabilities, actually and part of the board member as a finace and working how to obtain funds that we need in order to be sustainable, 50% administrative roll, during the weekends I try to spend as much as possible with the kids, playing, painting, talking, etc , I also use to cook with the moms specially Sunday. I am responsable to create visibility and to let poeple knows about the work that we are doing for the kids and families. I try to make to feel the kids happy, give them love, caring, to share lunch and dinner time as much as I can. I help to make the shelter a very special place, we not only wanted people to have a place to sleep and food to eat, we want to create a space to help kids be cure

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