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Laly Learning Center

  • By Amadou Laly Diallo · Guinea Republic, SSA


Laly Learning Center

Main aim of the charity

the main aim of the Laly learning center is to support the learning journey of the populations and create an emulation around the learning and its techniques. At Laly Learning Center, we offer to the populations a peaceful and suitable space where they connect with different positive people, have access to a wide range of books. At Laly learning Center, we have several English clubs, grouping students from ten different schools. We do from time to time conferences-debates, community-games competions (scrabble, monopoly, puzzle).

How the employee got involved and why

From my young age I developed the interest on learning and started reading everything crossing my way, I began collecting books, then I entered DHL Express Customer Service where I improved my sense of serving others, and three years ago I became my country CIS Champion, function which enables me to implement my learning, acquired facilitation skills. Thus, after a deep consideration of my country education level, especially in the capital Conakry, I found out that there exist only two libraries which accesses are limited to some privileged citizen because of the fees (Over 10$ for students), the distance (all are in the town center, thus exclude suburban’s), and their premises (in the US Embassy compound, and the French Cultural Center). Youths need places where to gather easily without any kind of discrimination, where they are offered the opportunities to network, to express themselves on their respective talents, knowledge or other areas of interest So, I thought of opening a center in the suburb, with the support of my wife we bought and collected over Seven thousands and five hundreds books (various levels and languages), made shelves, brought chairs and tables and we converted our apartment into a reading center to support and encourage people to hone one another’s level. The Laly Learning Center was born.

What work does the employee do for charity?

During the last year (June 2017- April 2018), with this cause I have helped two hundred students to acquire basics in English and to network by installing English clubs in 10 different schools. Each club has 20 people that we coach for one year and encourage them to share their learning to their other peers. With This reading center, after one year of existence to date, the library has two hundreds forty five registered to read at place or borrow a book for two weeks. My wife teaches German level one to children less than 12 years old. The center now is the meeting reference for plenty cultural events planned for/by populations (from students to young entrepreneurs, and militaries). Every day after my work at DHL I return in my reading center and catch up with my social activities until 9pm.

What impact would winning have on the charity?

The reading center has brought hope and confidence to populations as it has shown them that every person has a voice and that reading is the key to learning. People are progressively overcoming the social and political disparities in order to build a solid network aiming to improve. It has offered to some less privileged the access to thousands books with well skilled, knowledgeable and nice people willing to lead and support them. Being selected and awarded this DHL Got heart funding will be more than valuable as it will help these activities to continue, to improve, to expand and benefit more people. I envision helping funding the studies of five thousands children from the elementary (before 2025); those children will come from less privileged families of different villages without any consideration of religion or ethnicity or their parents political opinions. Currently iam planning to gather the funds by organizing a cycling event every nine month. Every cycler will register free, but has to be sponsored at One Thousand Dollars at least. Negotiating contracts with companies to sponsor the event by km cycled, thus the farthest a cycler will go, the more funds will be received. This will not be a competition, but an entertaining fundraising event with a long term impact. So winning this DHL Got heart funding will help launching the strategy by buying bicycles, equipment’s and organizing sustainably the two first events.

What impact would winning have on the employee?

While starting to answer to this question, I remember the day my Country Manager, Mr. Amedee ASSOMO, first told me about this program, how proud he was to have an employee with such behavior, a socially engaged. Winning the DHL Got Heart will be a confirmation for me that am on the right path to betterment. Winning this prize will be for my wife and me, and all the people supporting the “Laly Learning Center” a step achieved. Being elected on this program will be for me another tool that will serve to awake the self-awareness and motivate the involment among my fellow citizen in making a better World.This winning will comfort me in my journey to, let’s GoTeach!

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