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Lets put the smile back on Adam's Peak

  • By Senaka Perera · Sri Lanka, APEC


Senaka Perera

Main aim of the charity

Protect a word heritage site for the next generation. Working as a team to protect environment and showcase can do attitude and passion to protect the environment.

How the employee got involved and why

Adam's peak is worshiped and pilgrims by many religions. Hence large group of pilgrims (about 30,000 people) visits this place annually. This has lead to pollute this green paradise rich in bio diversity. This fact was shared in media and also witnessed by people visited. When we heard this news we were really sad and wanted to do something to protect this world heritage site for the next generation. Further there are many streams and rivers start their journey from this mountain. So it could have lead to water pollution as well as to dry these streams. Therefore we organized as a group and visited there to clean the area. Other than colleagues mentioned in the entry form my DHL colleagues named Piyal, Sampath, Rajeev, Sanjaya, Dilan, Nisal, Sehan, Limesh, Sanjaya Rupasinghe, Ramesh, Vishwa, Suyama, Chanaka, Aravinda, Sehan and Antony Silva also joined this worthy project.

What work does the employee do for charity?

We climbed to the peak and collected imperishable items such as plastic bottles, polythene bags, plastic items, etc. In many places these items were thrown to the forest in steep slopes. So we had to go out of the way and collect these items which was not an easy tasks. Once we collected these items challenge was to bring down those. We hung bags full of garbage in strong sticks and carry on our shoulders through steep steps to the foot of the hills. Then we handed over items that we collected to the local municipal council for recycling. Other than colleagues mentioned in the entry form my DHL

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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