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Lidiya's project

  • By Lidiya Dichko · Ukraine, Europe


Lidiya's project

Main aim of the charity

"Pay Forward It" is one of my favorite films. The main idea is how to make the world a better. To make it true, you can transfer a good deeds with a help of three strangers, each of which, in turn, will also help to three strangers. Having created such a chain, theoretically the number of good deeds should increase in a geometric progression, which will help to embrace the whole world, by the hands of good deeds, and change it for the better. This idea is close to my heart. Somehow it already happened that to be helpful is my lifestyle. I do it with a pleasure with all of my heart. Sincerely I believe that in this way people can do the world better.

How the employee got involved and why

I am always helping people and do all the best what I can. My help in this project is targeted assistance. I know this family very well because all kids are mine God kids. I cannot stay aside when I see that they really need a help. I wish the best future for kids.

What work does the employee do for charity?

I do as much as I can: collecting donations for baby carriage and rehabilitation, purchasing medicine and food, driving them to patient examination, I lodge them at my place, helping bathe kids, do celebrations for kids, I'm writing an official requests to the government for help to get apartment, I help feed and care for them, in one word I do all the best to make them more happier.

What impact would winning have on the charity?

I help unique natural triplets, who were born in 2016 in Kiev. They were born extremely small and very premature. They need special treatment and the doctors performed a miracle, because saved their lives and provided a stable state of health. Already a lot of stages have passed: struggle for life, surgeries, nursing preterm babies. However, there is a lot of waiting ahead for these girls. Each of these girls has a difficult diagnosis and each of them needs help. Bogdana needs microsurgery and plastics, Dominika needs rehabilitation, Uliana needs aural prosthetics, developing massage and rehabilitation. Also family whom I help consists of 5 kids and they are really need their own house/apartment, cause right now 10 people share 25 square meters of living space and17 people are registered. The family is large and their income is really small. Therefore, the victory will give a chance to these children to undergo the necessary rehabilitation and treatment in order to catch up with their peers in development and feel full in society.

What impact would winning have on the employee?

I will be sincerely glad to see those kids healthy and happy. I’m sure that kids are our future. Life begins with a little embryo. And children are our future and our world. There is a good Ukrainian proverb: “As you make your bed, so shall you will lie in it.”. In this case, what you put into a baby, you will receive in the future. Everyone is trying to give the children the best. Therefore, I sincerely believe that happy and healthy children, surrounded by care and love, can make our world better. Perhaps one of these kids will be the one to find a new cancer treatment, or new resources that will help save our planet.

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