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Medical and Constuction of Drinking Water Well Project in Pokot, Kenya

  • By SILVIA DIAZ CONTRERAS · Spain, Europe



Main aim of the charity

The main work of SED is to promote the right to education, to health, decent job, access to water and the empowerment of women, in more than 22 disadvantage countries

How the employee got involved and why

Through my cousin, I started to listen about SED and all the interesting project that they have in some disadvantaged countries. I thought, why not collaborate? and that year, I went to a workshop in Kenya. From that moment something changed on me and grew the needed to do productive things for the disadvantaged population. I try to contribute my humble grain of sand for the right to education and the social justice

What work does the employee do for charity?

I am currently collaborating in a project in Pokot, Kenya, whose main target is improve the health conditions of the population, with special emphasis on children and women, through access to drinking water and the optimization of health services. The project have 2 parts: - Drilling a drinking water well to supply the population in drought times. - Construction of a Resources and Training Center for health staff and local population, with the final purpose to avoid diseases and sensitize about the risks that have some practices as the female genital ablation, etc..

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