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New Life Childrens Centre

  • By Idau  Raka · Papua New Guinea, APEC


Idau  Raka

Main aim of the charity

Basically the centre provides a safe house for the children who are neglected by their family. Hence the centre was built as a safe home to cater for our neglected generation.

How the employee got involved and why

I got involved when a friend told me about a centre that housed street kids from all walks of life. I immediately had the conviction in my heart to pay them a visit with my sons. I have been so blessed in life and equally my sons too and I thought it would be wonderful to share our blessings with these children in the hope that the children will remain hopeful and feel loved despite their adversities in life. I got my sons involved too because I needed them to understand that not all children in this world are as fortunate and privileged as them n life due to circumstances beyond their control due to the cards that they been dealt. I also wanted to remind my sons to appreciate their blessings and not take anything for granted in life. It was our very first time to get involved with charity work and the experience brought a whole new meaning and perspective in the way we see life. I feel so blessed and inspired to cross paths with this organisation whose commitment, passion and tireless effort in providing a safe home for these children is nothing short of humbling and inspiring.

What work does the employee do for charity?

My work involves donating food, clothing and gifts to all the children in the centre. Especially on special occasions like Christmas or on my kids birthdays where we often share cake and food and laughter. There are less than 20 children in the centre currently. However the centre hopes to increase this number going forward. I initially started out by visiting them with my own family. However now I have involved four of my closest friends with their families who have been very supportive and generous towards this charitable cause. They feel the same way to share their blessings as they have also been so fortunate and blessed in life. We are looking to extend our charity cause to visit hospitals and schools as well as source additional resources to donate to various charitable causes as well. Our next visit and perhaps our biggest cause will be to visit the Children's hospital and donate sanitary and personal hygiene items to children and their carers.

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