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Plurima progetto "la scambioteca di Brescello"

  • By ketty ghinelli · Italy, Europe


ketty ghinelli

Main aim of the charity

The exchange is a project born thanks to the commitment of the Municipal Administration of the City of Brescello, the services of Social Help Desk and especially a group of assiduous volunteers, which is characterized as an open place for meeting and exchange of materials for domestic use, objects , clothes for early childhood and for adulthood

How the employee got involved and why

It was a casual meeting with a special person, LIA, who in the hospital waiting room told me about the volonntariat in which she was involved, she gave me an appointment in SCAMBIOTECA, I immediately realized that I could do something for others I too

What work does the employee do for charity?

It is a very simple thing, welcome, listening, assistance and help. The project stems from the need to share social issues such as solidarity, anti-consumerism and education. We collect and distribute what is necessary for people affected by the economic crisis, by natural disasters (such as the flood of last year by Boretto or the earthquake in Emilia Romagna).

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