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Pull-up Bars for Patriots

  • By Gregory Kantz · United States Of America, Americas


Gregory Kantz

Main aim of the charity

Pull-up Bars for Patriots mission is to establish permanent memorials by raising sets of pull-up bars to honor fallen service members while encouraging physical fitness in communities across the United States.

How the employee got involved and why

I have never been Mr. Fitness or the star athlete. Like most, when I was in grade school, I wasn’t a fan of jumping up to the pull-up bar and would make excuses why I couldn’t do pull-ups. Then in high school I joined the United States Marine Corps and was, let’s say, encouraged to do pull-ups. The more I did, the better I became and the more confidence I gained. After my four years in the Marines, I met my wife and we had a son. I would take him to many different parks and there would never be a pull-up bar for adults. I began to think, what if a pull-up bar was put up for a fallen service member? When I found out my wife’s friend’s cousin, Marine Corps. LCpl. Nick Larson, died in Iraq in 2004, I had more than an idea, I had someone to personally do it for and Pull-up Bars for Patriots was born.

What work does the employee do for charity?

While I created and founded the organization itself, my largest role is sharing the mission of honoring fallen service members through my participation in community picnics, veteran's events, parades, and fundraisers with our portable pull-up bar. During these events I encourage people to do a few pull-ups for the hometown hero even when they think they can't. This helps build confidence in the individual and promotes physical fitness.

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