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Rangiora Boxing Club

  • By Saara Koster · New Zealand, APEC


Rangiora Boxing Club

Main aim of the charity

Rangiora Boxing Club is a not for profit club working towards encouraging young kids, teenagers and adults to live a culture of discipline, commitment and respect. To control anger in an environment that turns it into a sport. The confidence and courage that boxing can build inside a person is amazing and life changing for many kids.

How the employee got involved and why

Rangiora Boxing Club is a non profit organisation started to get kids off the streets and into the boxing ring, where they learn discipline, commitment and a belief in themselves. I started going along as my Husband and Stepson got involved and I decided to train as well... I ended up loving the environment, the sport and the kids fun and determination to do well. I've seen the growth of my stepson in self confidence and have now got to know so many young people whose lives have changed because of the club.

What work does the employee do for charity?

I am now involved with the Board, fundraising applications, business goverance, assisted in rental agreements of a new space due to growth, filming the sparring so the fighters can see where they need to improve, and donating money towards kids that cant afford the fees, even though they are kept very small to enable everyone to join in. Help at fundraising events to get kids to fights in other parts of the country. And when I do my first corporate fight, proceeds will go back to the club as well.

What impact would winning have on the charity?

Because the club is still young and growing so fast, we struggle to raise money to assist all the kids to train and get to fights. Any money would go straight to the kids boxing fees - kids that cant afford to pay but whom we have never pushed for payment from parents as we understand this may cause the kids to have to leave. It would have a HUGE impact on the club and allow expansion - we are bulging at the seams!

What impact would winning have on the employee?

I love this club and what it stands for... anything I can do to make more kids feel great about themselves and provide stability in their lives would be amazing... The club is more than just learning how to fight, its become a family for many people.. kids are committed, disciplined and have created friendships that are long lasting and positive. But most of all they have more belief in themselves, no matter what skill level, they are encouraged and looked after - just love it!!

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