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Children & Young People · 01:11

Social nursery house Dammam

  • By Abdullah Aljafar · Saudi Arabia, MENA


Social nursery house Dammam

Main aim of the charity

The charitable cause is support orphans whom need and deserve to be happy and smile. It undertakes feeling for others and it really helps us appreciate what we have and it also shows how in the local and global community that charity is an effective way to learn about life.

How the employee got involved and why

I got involved as my family always thought me since I am young to help others and how helping others will make me changing positively.

What work does the employee do for charity?

I was involved in illustrating the importance of social responsibility to my friends which I was able to convince them to join this charitable cause and play a role in making an orphan smile.

What impact would winning have on the charity?

Winning will encourage me to highly support my dream to open a social responsibility society and also recommend corporate social responsibility within DHL as we are part of this society and we should really make a change in people's life's.

What impact would winning have on the employee?

Winning will impact on me personally by making me want to learn more and gain more knowledge on how to positively change others life and how it can change me and my life and make me an influencer in others life's.

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