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Elderly People · 01:29

The Boys' and Girls' Clubs association of Hong Kong (JC South Kwai Chung C&Y ISC).

  • By Mei Yi Li · Hong Kong, APEC


Mei Yi Li

Main aim of the charity

The Hong Kong Boys' and Girls' Club is an officially registered non-profit-making voluntary social service organisation. The main target of the service is children and adolescents aged between three and 35, and their parents. With the development of the society, the educational and counselling services provided by the Association are constantly innovating and diversifying. The services directly provided by the Association include:      Youth comprehensive service      After-school care      School social work      Family life education      Outreaching social work      Camp service      Counseling center      Hotline counseling service      Small children's home      kindergarten

How the employee got involved and why

My friend joined the voluntary activity which inspired me much. Apart from the caring to the underprivileged groups, it is also an educational action to our next generation with the right attitude and values.

What work does the employee do for charity?

I pay visit to some of the underprivileged groups in the community regularly, such as elderly who is living alone, scavengers, and people who are living in sub-divided flat in which their living conditions are poor. Thus, I can understand more about their situations and could, at the same time, show my care to them.

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