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  • By Laurie Solmy · Haiti, Americas


Laurie Solmy

Main aim of the charity

Thirst Project Haiti is an organization composed mainly of young, non-profit but charitable and educational based on the issue of water. Our mission does not differ from that of Thirst Project. Our main mission is to fight the water crisis in all regions of Haiti facing this problem, making it accessible and drinkable for any use. This must be done through our various projects, our awareness campaigns, and the active involvement of a network of young students, students and professional volunteers dedicated to this cause. Indeed, about three (3) weeks after the passage of Hurricane Matthew in September 2016, the city of Les Cayes was completely flooded. While the damage of Matthew is still screaming, that the victims occupying the temporary shelters are desperately waiting for the assistance of the government authorities, many communes of the southern department, including that of Les Cayes, were flooded at the beginning of the weekend, 17 days after the devastating cyclone. The situation of the homeless and those affected has become more precarious. Some of them who had returned to their homes were forced to turn back to return to the shelters. Others who had remained there for lack of means and assistance only made their situation worse. This, they say, further reinforces their willingness not to leave temporary shelters without assistance from state authorities. The victims, huddled in the shelters, are between 400 to 700, according to the size of the schools serving as shelters, that since the passage of Hurricane Matthew. They deplore the lack of assistance from local and government authorities. They call the authorities and charities for help, desperately. Faced with this disturbing and frustrating picture, Thirst Project Haiti did not give up. Indeed, the organization donated drinking water to the local and international organizations of the place. The organization, during a meeting with the local organization called '' Soleil lafwa '', donated 300 bags of water each containing 60, for a total of 18,000. Thirst Project Haiti did not stop expanding its charitable activities, later the organization got along with one of the well known Christian charity organizations of the place namely '' Caritas ''. This agreement was to provide drinking water (50 cases of water) to the sister organization which in turn will bring its rare products to the lands devastated by the monstrous cyclone. More recently, May 2018, on this year's International Water Day, we made a short film outlining the situation we face in terms of the water crisis. We also dissected the crisis from the point of view of the thousands of compatriots who live it daily. This initiative is part of the organization's media awareness program.

How the employee got involved and why

Thirst project Haiti is an initiative of some young adults that were my classmates in College. Almost every meetings were made in the classes so I learned quickly about their advocacy and goals. I started taking part of the meetings and step by step from participing in workshops I ended up participing in the activities

What work does the employee do for charity?

I am involved in the project department where I make every coordination but also are responsible finding new members to join our cause.

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