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Together We Can - Help to Latvian Children Hospital Intensive Care Department

  • By Artis Dzenis · Latvia, Europe


Together We Can - Help to Latvian Children Hospital Intensive Care Department

Main aim of the charity

Main Aim for this project is to help prematurely born children and parents that have this hard life experience and that together children with parents will be tuff times to go thru this very hard situation, as children and parents will have to stay in hospital for weeks and some time even for months to get in shape before going home. This project helped to buy two special chairs, that parents can sit in special position called "Kangaroo pose" when parent have his prematurely born child on his breast area, that the child can feel mothers or fathers heart beat, warm from parents body and feel how parents breath, that child can know what is correct way to breath as these children are daily 24/7 connected to a lot of systems, that helps child to breath, eat, see pulse. Its not describable, not lot of parents who has these children wants to talk about time, that has been done in hospital. Some of these children weight is under 1kg! And these kind of children % in world is grooving, in Latvia % of these prematurely born children is 7% of all born children. I know that my project has influence to some people in DHL Latvia and outside.

How the employee got involved and why

I got involved with my project by my own experience, I have kid who is born prematurely. So my decision for his project was normal decision. I'm very happy that this was possible to do.

What work does the employee do for charity?

I have organize meetings with our DHL Latvia Board members, that they will approve my project and I can start to realize it in life. I'm owner of this project and very happy yo have this possibility to make it successful. I have made initiative in one CIS training, that employee can donate one hour work for my project and it went successful as we collected great amount of money. As well I had to make meetings with Latvian Children Hospital Members of the Board, that they agree to make together this project and with donated money will buy two special chairs for intensive case department for prematurely children.

What impact would winning have on the charity?

If my project would won this competition, I would very grateful, as Latvian Children Hospital intensive care department needs money and other type of donation to get better and better place for children and their parents, to have best possible chairs, equipment, rooms, etc, that children can grow faster, healthier and with the biggest smile. These children and of course parents are going thru tuff times, as you as a parent can't help your child, just sit next to incubator and talk with the child. Its long and patient time for both. Nervs from parents that this situation takes is enormous.

What impact would winning have on the employee?

If my project won, I as this project owner would be very happy. I have went thru all this hard times and I know how parents what have these children would, feel if DHL's Got heart an me if I won and be able to donate money to some special aim, smallest thing in hospital rooms, can help parents and children feel more better. Feel almost like home, as these children and their parents will have to stay in hospital for few weeks even for few months as it was in my situation. My child should stay in hospital for 2.5 months. We can make hospital a better place to stay and live.

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