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Toronto Feral Cat Coalition TNR Program

  • By Dennis Turner · Canada, Americas


Dennis Turner

Main aim of the charity

We are a coalition of municipal animal controls, humane organizations, rescue groups and concerned individuals, working collectively to improve the lives of feral cats through strategic TNR programs and to address the numbers of homeless and feral cats living on the streets. In the spring of 2010, Toronto Animal Services announced the opening of a new spay/neuter clinic and that they would sterilize feral cats for free on specific days each month. This amazing breakthrough was the catalyst that formed the Toronto Feral Cat TNR Coalition. Later in 2010, Toronto Street Cats and the Toronto Humane Society, also began offering free spay neuter clinics for feral cats.

How the employee got involved and why

I am involved in the Toronto Feral Cat Coalition, TNR Program. TNR stands for trapped, Neutered and then returned to where they came from. It is the only successful program in North America that has reduced the population of feral cats. I feed the cats as well as provide them fresh water each day. I also build insulated kennels for them to live in. I purchase hand warmers to place into the kennels for the winter time to keep them warm. I got involved in this program because I believe every animal deserves the chance to live a nice life. I provide food and shelter, until I can arrange to have them picked up and hopefully adopted by a nice family.

What work does the employee do for charity?

See above.

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