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Children & Young People · 01:29

True Happiness

  • By Surapol Dulyasith · Thailand, APEC


Surapol Dulyasith

Main aim of the charity

I would like to give better chance that I never have when I was young to them. Happy experience, more learning book and activity, eat and fun together.

How the employee got involved and why

I am provincial boy. When I was young, I need to survive myself because of my family cannot fully support for my entire study including school activity. I grow up and have a chance to join Charity activity to distant area starting in 1990. I found a lot of poor and Disadvantaged Children that deeply touching my feeling. I am actually better than those Childs. It made me starting to give a better chance to them from that day till end of my life.

What work does the employee do for charity?

I finding and searching information from my friends what school who needs and require any supplies to support their student. Then, convey their request to my friend and the gang including DHL team for more assistance

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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