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Un árbol para mi vereda

  • By Jose Barreto · Argentina, Americas


Jose Barreto

Main aim of the charity

The main objective of the NGO is generate in people a conscious link with nature, promoting a way of life based on knowledge, respect and care for the environment through different activities undertaken in local communities such as: -Carry out sponsorship programs, awareness and citizen participation in environmental initiatives -Carry out programs of sponsorship and cultivation of plants and trees, restoration of environments and nature reserves -Carry out research programs about trees plantation -Develop CSR programs -Develop courses and events related to connection of the human being with nature -Create social nurseries to encourage the generation of sustainable productive ventures

How the employee got involved and why

I met the NGO (Un árbol para mi vereda) during the last year Global Volunteer Day in DHL AR and all the team gave me a very good feeling because of their team spirit, positivism, their can do attitude and the most important thing is that they do the things from their heart for a good cause related to the environment. I decided to join the activities, because I consider that it's often the smaller charities that are short-staffed and underfunded, so they may need help more than a big. As the NGO works locally, the impact is more visible to the communities that needs it and then the team is able to have a more hands-on approach and the positive effects of the work is more tangible. Working hand on hand with the communities have gave the opportunity to give smiles to many people and share some life stories that sensitize anyone. All this from a simple act like planting and caring for a tree. Someone can plant a tree, but together, we can be a big forest is one of the phrases that took my attention for the first time

What work does the employee do for charity?

The main focus of the NGO are projects related to environmental causes. As volunteer, we run activities such as: collective trees plantation in unused areas (planning and execution), engage people to participate in the activities, working with the communities to sensitize about trees caring and other Go Green activities and the "Sponsor a Tree" program, where whoever wants to plant a tree, can request one and we help them, as long as they commit to take care of it for a year

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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