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Children & Young People · 01:49

VIVA Association Volunteer Program for children

  • By Nicola Franchini · Switzerland, Europe


Nicola Franchini

Main aim of the charity

I was impressed with the organization because their goal is to continue our hard work after the two weeks we have spent here. Together with the next group of volunteers and VIVA association they will improve and continue working with the area. This way, there is a self-sustaining system for the kids to continue learning. In two weeks I will turn 33 and for my birthdays i have asked my 58 guests to help me by buying something for these kids. The list includes games, painting tools, books and recreative material for their education. There is still a lot do, due to the fact that most of these indigenous kids live under poverty level and I know we can support with smallest of contributions.

How the employee got involved and why

Last year I travelled to Mexico with my friends. I spent 3 weeks in the touristic area of Yucatan/Quintana Roo. Most of my time was spent with locals who told me: “if you want to explore the real Mexico, Chiapas is the place.’ Therefore, I planned my next trip to Mexico and combined it with a volunteering program. Now I am here, and I have no regrets whatsoever.

What work does the employee do for charity?

Every morning we work in a big garden area at the Tlaxcala neighborhood. The place was destroyed and filled with plastic and trash recently. We help by cleaning and creating a cultivating area for kids to develop and perform activities within nature. Allowing them to plant by themselves and get useful agricultural knowledge through us. In the afternoon we support the children with their homework (those who go to school), languages such as English, Spanish, Japanese – and other languages from those international volunteers. Most of them have limited education and health services, we also support them by playing recreational games such as sports, team work organization, artistic abilities, numerical games and many others.

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