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  • By Basri Hudson · Indonesia, APEC


Basri Hudson

Main aim of the charity

Providing education for out-of-school children who earn a living as beggars and buskers and who live in areas of ex-shelter and prostitution in the Mojopahit Foundation (Yayasan Mojopahit).

How the employee got involved and why

The Foundation (Yayasan Mojopahit) that located in Mojokerto, East Java, Indonesia is currently neglected and there is no attention from the government or the community. Many children there don't go to school. Even quite a lot of children there took to the streets to help make a living. Some of them become buskers & beggars. Economic problems are indeed the cause. They are like their parents. Parents make children become like them. Their parents are also quite a lot of beggars and buskers. Parents don't even hesitate to take their children to the streets. And their parents don't have the awareness of the importance of education for their children. Even the parents impressed to let it all happen just like that. Knowing that condition, as a human being, I feel unable to stay silent. I cannot see children of that age who should go to school and instead make a living as beggars and buskers. For the past two years, Gerakan Muda Majapahit (GMM) and I want to try to make changes for them. We do what we can and what we have. And we started by giving education to the children there because we thought that children still had a very big chance to change. We teach what we can. Whatever it is. Whether it’s formal or informal education. Every weekend we always come to invite them to learn something.

What work does the employee do for charity?

Basically, we teach what we can such as basic level of mathematics, science, English language and etc. Some of my colleagues teach martial arts, dance and painting. Whatever we can do we will do for them.

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