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  • By SHENAAZ ALLI · South Africa, SSA



Main aim of the charity

First and foremost the reason our organization is special and certainly deserves to win this award is purely because we have no stable funding from any company or any individual. We basically dig into our own pockets on a daily and weekly basis and try our level best to assist all the poor and underprivileged people that God allows us too. Our founder Moulana Jameel has his own Spiritual healing Centre where he attends to people free of charge, in addition he also does marriage counseling, that also free of charge. By him treating people free of charge, we hope and pray that the community sees all the work ,time, money and effort and hopefully some day we will be able to get some stable funding or funds to assist with all the brilliant work and the many lives we light up on a daily basis . What is the result/outcome of your volunteering – our end result is that we have managed to please God which was our number one focus and the blessings we get from that will enable and gives us the strength to go forward , we have also filled tummies of many hungry families and put a smile on their face at the same time, we have managed to be a ray of sunshine by assisting families with electricity and water and which is one of the ,most basic needs of living. These families rely on us as they know and are confident that we will manage to provide for them in whichever way possible. Highlight how you fit the criteria and any aspect which demonstrates a creative and fresh approach – To begin with generally Charity organizations would choose a Home or Orphanage to feed etc, in Our case, what makes us unique is the fact that we can choose any random place and just start doing charity work.For Example : we give good and bread at the Beach every Sunday (There are numerous hawkers and poor people around that area), we have also chosen to go into the informal settlements which is sometimes very dangerous but we do so / by being a Muslim organization this does not restrict us to only help Muslims, we assist the Non Muslim communities by going charity work at the Churches and Temples. We have even gone to the extent of helping people at their homes, if they cannot afford a Plumber or electrician we go to their homes and assist them to have item such as their Geysers, Toilet etc fixed Our fresh approach is our MINDSET – we have ideas and we put them into play in which area that needs it. In closing – I truly believe that if you have the DRIVE ,DETERMINATION,LOVE,PASSION AND THE WILL TO HELP OTHERS – nothing can stand in your way !!!

How the employee got involved and why

The organization has been in existence for 10 years however I have only been apart of this Organization for 4 years. I had started in 2013 and till date have grown and going strong with this Organization. I dedicate 6 hours every week(Monday to Friday) outside of DHL and 8 hours on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays ) outside of DHL. Why did I get Involved – People choose to volunteer for many reasons ,for some it offers a chance to give back something to the community and for some it’s the opportunity to make a difference to people around them especially the less fortunate. However for me, I used my own personal experiences in life to help me get involved with this project . What was my motivation – My Parents !!! but apart from that I used myself and my past experiences in life to be my own motivator – I used this experience to Gain confidence / make a difference / be apart of a community and interact with people who desperately and direly needed love / learn new skills / take on a challenge and more importantly leaning to deal with different character types and personalities

What work does the employee do for charity?

All grace be to God who has chosen me for this task : I have been the support structure & constant motivator behind Moulana Jameel / Mohammed Faraaz by facilitating and providing them with the sources that can be useful to us. Be it individuals or companies that can give us Meals / Drinks / Clothing / Shelter /Donations etc. Charity can be one of the most generous acts that a human can perform but at the same time can also be one of the most difficult and toughest ever as well.To gain the trust of an individual to assist our Organization can be a very difficult and prolonged task.One of the many tasks that I have is also promoting our NON PROFIT organization and making people realize that if God has given you so much then why not let the underprivileged and poor have some as well. Some of our key facts are : Feeding schemes are held weekly and sometimes if God Willing me have more sponsors then we have at least 2-3 times a week in all different poor and rural areas / we also do a weekly Bread / milk/apples/bananas/ juices distribution – we aim at assisting an average of 200-250 people / we conduct an annual Haleem (Soup) Distribution – During the month of Fasting people thrive on this to break their fast with / relief projects such as assisting widows / paying of peoples rent / assisting people to have their electricity connected / buying them groceries . Our greatest achievement till date was our Organization being published in 2 different News papers and an article being written about the tremendous and effortless charity work that we do for the community

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