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女 | 不止于篮 | Not Just Ball | Deliver Happiness & Love

  • By Xiaoyun Li · China, China


女 | 不止于篮 | Not Just Ball | Deliver Happiness & Love

Main aim of the charity

提供平台帮助热爱篮球的女生坚持打球。通过篮球让女生更热爱生活最终提高女性的生活质量。 目前组织业余女篮即兴打球活动,邀请篮球教练固定训练,组办和上海大学高校女篮或者业余女篮之间的友谊赛等。同时与外地业余女篮组织建立联系和交流,组办活动给到上海外的业余女篮球队来沪交流。 The final aim is to improve women's life through basketball. At present we organize week pick-up game regularly and also organize fixed week training. Meanwhile we will organize friendship games with the school teams of many universities in Shanghai, and also among amateur women's ballers. Also we keep in touch with amateur women's basketball organizations and organize communication games with teams out of Shanghai.

How the employee got involved and why

对篮球的爱好让我初识这个公益平台,热爱&团队精神&以及女生也渴望一片属于自己的球场让我一直留在了这里。刚开始我积极参与平台组织的众多志愿者活动。随着历练逐渐成为业余女生打球活动的组织者和协调者。现在我的身份既是这个平台的受益者又是这个平台的组织者。 The passion to basketball leads me to get know this club. Firstly I joined as a basketball enthusiast. Then the passion, the sport spirit and the desire to own a basketball court belongs to women keeps me stay in this platform. I actively volunteer to participate in many activities. Gradually I become the organizer of games. Now I am not only the amateur player but also a organizer in this club.

What work does the employee do for charity?

总结来说,组织协调和沟通。 我是MELODY水果队即兴打球的组织者&月亮队的管理者。每周定期组织业余女篮爱好者打球。我会在水果队微信一群&二群(591截止2019/10/23号的数据)里发布全场打球活动的通知,组织大家报名,后续预定篮球场地,以及现场组织打球。现场会和球员沟通,尤其对第一次来打球的新人会多关注,希望营造友好的打球氛围。对于固定训练的月亮队我主要负责新队员对接等管理和运营工作。 As for the regular week game, I organize the online registration and organize the game onsite to create a friendly playing atmosphere. Also I communicate with participants, especially the first-time comer. Also I am responsible to manage team with fixed training weekly. In conclusion, I am mostly involved in organizing and communication.

What impact would winning have on the charity?

业余女篮在国内发展迅速,但是相比男篮,一直没有得到社会的关注和支持。第一次录制视频和大家分享女篮的故事,希望在冲击奖项的过程中能够让更多的人关注到业余女篮。希望观看过视频的女子们可以了解到业余女篮,热爱女篮甚至开始打起篮球。而观看过视频的男子们可以支持身边的女子篮球爱好者们坚持自己的梦想。此外不得不说上海的篮球场地费用真得太高了,所以女生每次打球的成本真得很高。如果能赢可以帮助业余女篮爱好者分担部分场地费用,同时平台也可以定期采购更新球员医药饮用水等物资,还可以为业余女篮提供更多福利,鼓励她们坚持打下去,打到80岁, 通过篮球更加热爱生活。 Amateur women's basketball is developing fast in China. However it lacks of attention and support from the society compared to male basketball. It is the first time I take the video to share our story trying to win. During the process, more and more women will get know women's basketball, feel passion to it and even start to play basketball. Besides, it will help the women's basketball players to share part of the court fee because the basketball court is so expensive in Shanghai. Also the club can purchase the medical supplies regularly. More benefits will be brought to female ballers in this platform to encourage them to keep playing till 80 years old. the final purpose of our club is to improve women's life through basketball.

What impact would winning have on the employee?

对我而言,首先这是对我过去四年所坚持做得事情的认可,并且我也会继续坚持做下去。当然我从没有质疑过自己所做事情的意义,并且我也亲眼见证着一已之力的确对于上海的业余女篮的发展有所推动。 其次是希望。 终于有社会企业的力量给到了业余女篮。还是自己工作的公司,这让我感到了由衷的欣喜与骄傲。我相信未来越来越多的社会力量会关注到业余女篮这一块。 最后是激励,我希望自己能和这个平台一起打到80岁! As for me, most important of all, it is the recognition to what I have done in the past four years. I never doubt what I am doing and It indeed drive the development of amateur women's basketball in Shanghai. Besides I saw the hope. finally there is social support coming from DHL ,which the company I work for(I feel so glad and proud) to encourage the development of women's basketball. I believe there will be more and more social support in the future. Last but not least, if winning, it will inspire me to persist to do what I am doing in my life. I will play till 80 years old together with the women in our club.

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