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Disability · 01:32

"Abriendo Posibilidades"

  • By Ingrid  Lee · Mexico, Americas


Ingrid  Lee

Main aim of the charity

Provides therapeutic services for children with autism from low-income families, through the "Home Specialists" therapeutic program where they train parents to provide adequate support, prepare children for school, and teach themselves activities that support their independence.

How the employee got involved and why

A long time ago I met a boy with Autism, his family was looking for support to cover their therapies but they were of few resources so they did not have access to the internet, I helped them looking for options and that's how we found the foundation “Abriendo Posibilidades”, since the beginning I was delighted with the attention they gave to the children, they cared for them as their greatest treasure and they are the only foundation of autism in MX that gives therapies open door, trying to help parents and training them in their care. I started collaborating with them because they were doing an expansion and they required a lot of hands to help, since that moment until now I collaborate and this kids makes me really happy.

What work does the employee do for charity?

My collaboration consist on making diferent materials for the kids so they can achieve they learning goals and also I helped in the organization of some events that favor the interaction between them such as the “Posada” for Christmas, children´s day and some days for their summer camp.

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