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  • By Angello Padilla · Peru, Americas


Angello Padilla

Main aim of the charity

To help low-income children so they can get a better education with school classes reinforcement and reduce the rates of anemia with nutritive breakfasts that we want to implement it from their homes. At the same time, to help the Pampamarca community to get ahead on their own and implement our iron-rich breakfast project.

How the employee got involved and why

In December 2013, a group of friends and I began to provide social assistance in low-income towns near our capital, bit by bit, we managed to grow and expand our help to the Peruvian highlands. 6 months ago, we consolidate our project as a non-profit association and set a new goal, to improve the education in our country with mathematics classes reinforcement and reading comprehension, we started at the State School "Las Palmas" located in Lurín, Also, we offer to boys and girls a nutritive blood-based breakfast to reduce anemia in the area.

What work does the employee do for charity?

I am the founder of Afrazame, four of my closest friends and I run the association. We take care of getting donations among our friends and family, we do all the logistics of hire a bus to take us to Pampamarca, to get volunteers who want to travel and could pay a bus ticket, volunteers with education's interest. Perform the classes and educational material that we carry every Saturday. We Carry out from our same publications in social networks to the breakfasts that we take to children in Lurin. We are all terrain, we are 4x4 volunteers.

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