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Children & Young People · 01:18

Alkhair Foundation for Social Development

  • By Najwa Alnabhani · Yemen, Republic Of, MENA


Alkhair Foundation for Social Development

Main aim of the charity

1. To develop a real partnership between the private and public sectors aimed at building the capabilities and skills of the youth. 2. Motivate the youth, guide them into making the optimum use of their time and to improve their knowledge in basic sciences such as Vocational Training, Marketing, Computers, English language, and Work Ethics. 3. Motivation program for secondary school graduates to utilize the year (usually wasted before their admission to the university), to improve their English language, computer skills, and Arabic literature. These activities take place in Al Khair Institute. 4. Backup the National Campaign for Eradicating Illiteracy through promoting the education of girls and mothers who have been deprived of education since childhood. 5. Establish specialized Youth Development Centers / Institutes to enable the youth to contribute to sustainable development. 6. Provide free (intensive) training courses in the fields of Tour Guiding & Driving to the youth of specific local communities in Marib, Al Jawf and Shabwah as a first stage, with special focus on English language and Work Ethics, to help them secure appropriate jobs. 7. Cooperate and coordinate with other academic institutions towards developing the capabilities of the youth. 8. Supplement the labor market (both, locally, and in GCC countries) with qualified & well-trained young generation, geared up with the right tools such as English language, computer skills and other essential crafts such as carpentry, welding, plumbing, tiling, masonry and electrical wiring. 9. Rehabilitate illiterate women of rural areas through teaching them reading & writing and training them on various crafts such as sewing, embroidery and other handicrafts, thus enabling them to be self-reliant and capable of providing basic needs to their families.

How the employee got involved and why

This is not a new thing for us we have been always involved supporting the less fortunate, DHL got heart motivated us to do more and to give more. As a human being we have felt the need to support each other specially in this hard times,

What work does the employee do for charity?

In a country like Yemen where the war have destroyed all of the infrastructure for supporting the less fortunate, who don't have anybody to look out for them, we felt that we are obliged to give them at least a small portion of our time, We did arrange for several activates the most emotional and heart moving were for the orphanage and the Disabled children supporting foundation under the support and supervision of Al Khair foundation for social development.

What impact would winning have on the charity?

There are so many needed equipment, we will be able to provide them with some special equipment that would make there life easer , such as lighted railroad for kids with special needs (deaf kids and kids with autism) wheel chairs for disabled kids, also will support us to get a part of the daily needs of the children Malnutrition, moreover, we would be able to bring some equipment for the Orphne garden.

What impact would winning have on the employee?

It would be the happiest thing that happened to us in since a long time when the war started, as the wining will not only impact us but around 300 children as we would be able to give them more which would support us to help who are in need for the most basic things in live such as a happy clean green place to live and play in, also, we would be able to proved them school's bags in a country the education almost is dying and would support us to get some basic equipment that would make their life easer to learn and to study such as wheel chairs, hearing aids and special tables for disabled chidden, beside we will be able to support by even a part of daily needs of the children malnutrition.

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