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ANCOP - Answering the Cry of the Poor

  • By Tessa Laudinez · Bahrain, MENA


ANCOP - Answering the Cry of the Poor

Main aim of the charity

We provide programs and projects for the poor with the aid of our generous partners and donors. These works were strengthened with Values Formation to develop the spiritual lives of our home partners. Community Development Program (CDP) is one of the major projects of ANCOP aimed at directly helping the poor by providing them shelter or housing. Beneficiaries are not left to fend for themselves after moving to their new house. Education is one of the major projects of ANCOP aimed to educate the poor children. ANCOP believes that education of the poor child and his family is key to poverty alleviation. The third program of ANCOP is Calamity and Disaster Response. The program focuses on the victims of the catastrophes and the immediate aid we can provide for them

How the employee got involved and why

Since I was single, I've been active in church activities and one of the charitable cause I support is the ANCOP. ANCOP stands for Anwering the Cry of the Poor. It is a Progam founded by CFC Couples for Christ, a faith based Vatican recognized International Organizaltion active in many countries. I support ANCOP because among its project is building shelter to the poor and sponsor education. At present, ANCOP has 2 scholars in India and 32 in the Philippines. The

What work does the employee do for charity?

I involved myself by joining the Annual Global Walk and other events. The fund raised during events are used to sponsor education.

What impact would winning have on the charity?

By winning, it would help more children and would create more scholars. it would help the lives of those who cannot afford to go to shool. it would give them hope.

What impact would winning have on the employee?

I always wanted to be a bearer of light. I always wanted to extend help in my own little way to help lighten the lives of others. I would say that we don't need to be a big person inorder to help. the important thing is the willingness.

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