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Bahrain Cancer Society

  • By Ihab  Mansour · Bahrain, MENA


Ihab  Mansour

Main aim of the charity

Fighting cancer, trying to find the causes behind it, and preventing them have become national objectives to be achieved not only by the patient and his family, but also, through collective efforts, by the treating physician and other specialized bodies. As a result, to support the cancer patient so that he / she does not fall victim to other physical or psychological illnesses, developed countries have formed national societies. These societies coordinate with the relevant official bodies to educate the patients, help them understand their illness, and follow the physicians’ instructions. Such help makes it possible not only to achieve the goals of treatment programs but also to provide a healthy environment for fighting cancer and preventing its side effects. The society has formed five committees for: Information and Education. Fund Raising. Researches and studies. Social Activities. Cancer Patient Support.

How the employee got involved and why

Here in DHL MENA we are always making campaigns to support cancer patients like kids affected with cancer and breast cancer and any type of cancer. It is a hidden disease that hits from no where and many of our close relatives are hit with it. And this what pushed Maria and myself to move to fight cancer.

What work does the employee do for charity?

We are leading Fighting Cancer campaigns and I am a member of the Bahrain Cancer Society

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