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Bhayander Animal Welfare

  • By Darshana Gurav · India, APEC


Darshana Gurav

Main aim of the charity

Animals / Birds are exploited by humans and there are no strong laws for animal abuse / cruelty protecting them. Our group works for betterment of the speechless.

How the employee got involved and why

I am actively involved in this work since past 5 years. It started with adopting my abandoned pets James and Kody. Life span of animals are shorter than human; due to age factor and ill-health both my pets passed away. The love and care they gave me and my family cannot be put in words. The emotional connect with them pushed me to carry on social work for stray animals and birds. My work started with feeding stray dogs , placed water bowl in few places for animals to drink water during summer, funding amount in my own capacity for medication , treatment, volunteering anti-rabies drive. Social networking helped me to get in touch with few dedicated people doing volunteer work to help animals. Now we are group of few individual living in Bhayander who have formed a group called "Bhayander Animal Welfare" to help the needy and helpless animals and birds. Our active members consist of our Vet Dr. Yogesh- who treats animal and birds, Helper (Mr. Anil) - helps to catch animals / birds and help vet with treatment, Ms. Sandy Rodricks, Ms. Lata, Mr. Prateek- who does on-spot treatment under the guidance of Vet. I am among the team who coordinates with the group in respect of treatment of animals, self-funding and raising funds for critical cases which needs hospitalization, fighting for animal rights and abuse.

What work does the employee do for charity?

The Prevention of Cruelty Animals Act,1960 - states the offender (in the case of a first offence) will have to pay fine which shall extend to fifty rupees and if it is the case of second offence or subsequent offence committed within three years of the previous offence, he will be fined with not less than twenty-five rupees but which may extend to one hundred rupees or with the imprisonment for a term which may extend to three months or with both. Which means animal abuser merely gets away with fine of Rs. 50. Animal abuse and cruelty cases are on rise in India. Right from AVNI case, Shaktiman Case which hit headlines - Animal activist are constantly raising voice to stop animal abuse demanding better Animal Laws in India. One of our recent successful rescue story as mentioned below There had been a recent case in Bhayander wherein an individual had captivated pigeons and was illegally buying and selling birds. The pigeons were been kept in a small shabby closet in pathetic conditions for selling. Our team got a tip-off on this ghastly act and acted with proper planning. With the help of the local police authorities and Animal Welfare officer a non-cognizable charge-sheet was filed against the accused, our team gained access to the building rooftop (terrace) and set the pigeons free in the nature. This is a very endearing act towards sweet little birds who also have the same right to roam free in the very nature that has bestowed on us- human beings. Each case our group handles brings sense of satisfaction that we are able to make difference in the life of speechless.

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