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Blessing Bags of Love

  • By Jennifer Milligan · Network Operations - CVG Hub, Americas


Blessing Bags of Love

Main aim of the charity

Blessing Bags of Love is an outreach group operated by a few friends that believe that we should help those less fortunate than us in the Cincinnati area. We provide a warm meal, a bag of packaged food to go, water and other essentials to help them during their time of need.

How the employee got involved and why

Angel and I both got involved for different reasons and in different ways but the end result was the same. We saw the good things our friend Mitzi was doing for our community and knew that we wanted to be involved, helping people that are in need for nothing in return. Once we saw what we could do and the potential of getting more people involved in helping those in need and seeing smiles spread on peoples faces from a simple warm meal that they otherwise wouldn't have had, we were completely hooked.

What work does the employee do for charity?

We both volunteer once a week, every Tuesday night at 9pm. We do this on our own as a group, on the street and feed anywhere between 30 and 150 people on average. We donate from our own pockets, recruit donations from friends, prepare meals, prepare the bagged snacks and just talk with those that show up. On some nights, especially when it's cold, we also drive through downtown and find those that are too cold to come out from under their blankets and make sure they have everything they need.

What impact would winning have on the charity?

Currently, outside of a small fundraiser that we have each year and occasional food donations from churches or friends, everything comes out of our own pockets. We can only do so much with our own resources. We would make sure no week went without a meal, we would be able to purchase more water, blankets and essential items.

What impact would winning have on the employee?

For me personally, it's hard seeing someone not treated like a human being . Being able to provide them with life essential items that make them feel better...a full stomach, a blanket, maybe some deodorant is life changing when you see everything that you take for granted and the small things change someones world for a day or week or month or however long they will be able to use what you provided them.

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