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Cheer up the kids to stay at school in Yemen

  • By Beata  Blazeniakova · Slovakia, Europe


Cheer up the kids to stay at school in Yemen

Main aim of the charity

If people get a chance to get an education we might give them a chance to fight for their future with no guns but with their hands and minds. Then they can motive their other kids friends or even their parents. It is common that adults in Yemen cannnot read and write becasue they started to work as kids rather then to stay in school because they needed to survive and to help families. Many project are running in Yemen by international non-government organizations to help disabled people to get education or to get education for elder people.

How the employee got involved and why

I have been to Yemen for 3 times. I visited Yemen in 2013 for the first time for my language course of Arabic langue. I have known many people, many kids. My teacher used to teach me and also Yemeni kids at government schools. We talked about Yemen a lot. I believe that education is one of the best way how to get a bigger chance for better future in a such a undeveloped country as Yemen is.

What work does the employee do for charity?

My friend in Yemen told me that his kids have no more school supplies. He asked them how it is possible because he knew he bought everything they need. His kids told him that their classmates have nothing and they did not have a chance to write down notes at school and to study because their parents cannot afford school supplies. So since I have a benefit from DHL for transport as an employee I used it last two times to send som school supplies to Yemen via DHL. I asked my friend to take it to school and to give these notebooks and pencil to the poorest kids. I am planning to do it again. Little help is always better than no help.

What impact would winning have on the charity?

Bigger win means bigger impact on more children. We cannot help all of them but we can help at least some of them.

What impact would winning have on the employee?

It will not change me. Yemen made impact on me and changed me in many ways. I became much more opened mind. Winnig would help someone else and have bigger impact on more people at place which is forgotten by world.

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