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Children's Cancer Center

  • By Zeinab Shaaban · Lebanon, MENA


Zeinab Shaaban

Main aim of the charity

The Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) is a regional reference center pioneering the treatment of Children with cancer: at no cost to their parents and with complete dependency on donation. The CCCL also spread awareness and education about disease and aims to insure optimal methods for regional and global cancer control. They admit patients as young as few month old and keep treating patients until they reach 18 years of age; and currently they have around 300 patients under treatment at CCCL. The treatment usually lasts for 3 years, costing an average of 55,000 USD a year for each patient, so a yearly need of 15 million USD. All children are treated free of charge. With no cost at all on their parents and without any form of discrimination. All patients referred to the CCCL are offered thorough diagnostic tests and admitted based on their non-discriminatory admission policy. Since 17 years the CCCL has treated over 1,650 children with cancer and offered more than 4,500 medical consultation to patients from all over Lebanon and the region. Currently, the CCL supports around 30% of all children with cancer in Lebanon, and the average cure rate reaches 80% for the beloved kids! The more funds they can have, the more patients they can treat!

How the employee got involved and why

After the death of my father 2 years ago, battling with cancer for five years and during the time of our grieving, my sisters and I started thinking about other families who suffered or are still suffering because of this disease. We started thinking of ways we can help cancer patients, so we got more involved with Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon and even more with patients’ stories. It was very difficult for us to see a fragile innocent child at such a young age, to feel extreme pain and feel hopeless at same point. So we decided to make a bigger change to help those brave children.

What work does the employee do for charity?

The Children’s Cancer Center in Lebanon , provides free of charge cancer treatments to children from Lebanon and neighboring countries with no discrimination. So it would benefit the most from financial donation for the kids’ treatment to save lives. My sister is a university student, so we created a plan that would be dynamic for a fundraiser for the CCCL. We decided to spread cancer awareness through a tour around universities in Lebanon, and give the upcoming generation a chance to help and donate. We called the Campaign Supporting the Brave.

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