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Children's Fleamarket

  • By Franziska Weber · Leipzig Hub, Europe


Children's Fleamarket

Main aim of the charity

Used items find new owners and don’t end up in the garbage. With this event, we are able to help people in the region and avoid the unnecessary transportation of goods. At our children’s flea market, we also collect items that are still in condition but can’t or shouldn’t be sold for donation to the AWO ‘living community for girls" youth residence in Weißenfels.

How the employee got involved and why

I turned my profession into a hobby and, now, I don’t only organize training courses, but I am also the organizer of a children’s flea market in Zorbau near Leipzig. This event, which I am organizing for the second time, provides parents with the opportunity to sell secondhand children’s clothing, equipment and toys. As a result of our efforts, used items find new owners and don’t end up in the garbage, two facts that led me to found this event earlier this year

What work does the employee do for charity?

I am the organizer of this charitable event.

What impact would winning have on the charity?

Due to the fact that I am a member of the of the ‘Zorbauer Sportverein’, a local sport club, we have been able to use their facilities free-of-charge for our flea market, something that we have truly appreciated. However, due to the high demand and potential that we see in this event, we are currently looking for a larger venue and would also like to increase advertising so that we can reach more parents and grandparents. This would have a major impact on the success of our flea market - and also enable us to donate more much-needed items to the the AWO "living community for girls" youth residence in Weißenfels. This facility houses young mothers under the age of 18, who are in need of clothing and equipment for their young children. Once these mothers reach the age of maturity, they have to move out and take care of their children on their own. They, then, only receive a small allowance that covers their immediate first needs. Accordingly, they are grateful for every donation that they receive.

What impact would winning have on the employee?

I can do more for my community, for families and for the environment.

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