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Christmas Smiles in Guapi

  • By Jesus Solis · Colombia, Americas


Jesus Solis

Main aim of the charity

Make children happy, providing love, food, gifts, companionship and moral support to their families. Thus showing the community of Guapi, an island formed by wonderful beings that at some point need a helping hand for the progress of each of their projects.

How the employee got involved and why

This Cause of giving a Smile to these Boys and Girls of my Town Guapi Cauca, was born more or less in 2014 with an idea of my older sister of 7 brothers Angela Custodia Solis Sinisterra, which when seeing that many Boys and Girls do not They had a Gift at Christmas by phone, called us to the brothers and asked us the favor that each one would give him for December 20 Gifts for her to gather them in the house to give them some Boys and Girls as their Christmas gift looking for the Most Needed Children in the sector Save you from the Place, this is what some of the 7 brothers did, we joined this beautiful Social Work and we did it, by 2015 I was waiting for my sister to call us again and tell us about the idea that was born in the year 2014, I did not receive that call and when I saw that December was approaching the call and I asked him what he told me; that she wasn't going to do it anymore because she doesn't see interest in all the brothers, which gave me a lot of sadness at that moment, I said goodbye to my sister and left the subject there. But one day at work I went out at noon to have lunch with a fellow Accounting Officer Mauricio Torres and an idea came to my mind which I mentioned. I told Mao I can ask you a great favor on the day they pay us you can give me $ 20,000 COP to buy about 4 Gifts of $ 5,000 COP each and take them to Guapi and give them to the poorest Children in my Town that most likely not They have a gift at Christmas, for which he told me ready. Solis counts on me. I told him when I bought the gifts from us and he handed you the bill. That day we left work arrived at the house and I began to think if Mao gives me $ 20,000 COP and if I tell each of the colleagues in Finance and other areas of the Company, I will most likely collect more than 20 Gifts, because I did that and that joy to God thanks to that Year where there was no hope of giving Gifts I could deliver in my town an average of more than 100 Gifts, which I said among my God is very big he never gives us a Burden which we cannot carry and this is a social responsibility that he has put in my Way and I will continue doing it every year. Every year we increase these gifts from 2015 to 2018, which with the help of my DHL Partners, Family, Friends and the blessing of God the Father has been made, the year 2018 was a year of many Blessings since God put On my way to Mrs. Sandra, who has a Clothing Store for Boys and Girls in San Victorino (Bogota), she gave me more or less 200 changes of clothes which, together with more than 500 Gifts that I managed to collect, I could deliver to these Children and girls. It is really a huge happiness to feel one who is returning to her community part of what she gave to one and more when you do this social work and with the greatest hope we have that are Our Boys and Girls, see that Smile and joy to receive these presents, really this is priceless, for me Jesus Solis, my youngest son Juan Esteban, my Mama Teófila and my sister Angela who are the ones who help me deliver them is a huge happiness which I do not change for anything in the world. This is really my story and how God placed this work in my Heart and I always ask him to give me the strength and motivation to continue with it until he has me in this world and leaves my Children to continue it and not let it lose the day I am no longer there. God Bless you and thank you very much for the collaboration you can do to this beautiful Social work

What work does the employee do for charity?

I am a leader, organizer transmitting to the low-income children light of hope, filling them with happiness, happiness and enthusiasm on these special dates such as CHRISTMAS.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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