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comunicate trough dance

  • By gabriella spadaro · Italy, Europe


gabriella spadaro

Main aim of the charity

Our aim is to let people comunicate and share their feelings to relieve their stress and bring the smile into their faces. We involve all people esepcially older people, we visit schools and clubs and share with them our knowledge and skills. The spirit that we we would like to convey is 'all we can.'

How the employee got involved and why

after Emilia 2012 heartquake i knew some people and i have continued working with them. last year, with my association, we opened a dance therapy school where we take lessons every month dancing, spreadimg joy and giving smile to many people with different abilities.

What work does the employee do for charity?

I teach, dance and share. Our association organize events for children, old people and person with different ability in integrated group. they find a way to comunicate through soul and emotions

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