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Delivery Love Part 2 - Moc Chau Charity Trip Q1 2018 - Viet Nam

  • By Kieu Cong Nghiep · Vietnam, APEC


Delivery Love Part 2 - Moc Chau Charity Trip Q1 2018 - Viet Nam

Main aim of the charity

Help,support,share & deliver foodstuff,Rice,Blanket,Mosquito net,sugar,fish sauce...etc. Main aim is helping & sharing with the poor & community living in difficult conditions in some remote areas in some provinces of Viet Nam.

How the employee got involved and why

Since last year 2016 I got to know Viet Hearts from my friend,based on facebook & I saw fanpage of Viet hearts with a lot of charity activites for the poor people living in difficult living conditions.Then I thought that I need to do somethings at least to give a hand for the poor with Viet Hearts.I finally made up my mind to take small amount of money to send to Viet Hearts & some other support/activities for sometimes for helping the poor & I’m really feeling very happy for that.

What work does the employee do for charity?

This Moc Chau Charity Trip to the remote areas is realy a good trip for me to have full view,real experience & close to the fact.Then I decided to go,send some small amount of money,do some other support activities & saved my whole Sunday for that charity trip.

What impact would winning have on the charity?

Simply I like deliver love,help & support to the poor. My motivation also very clear is that...can help,support & share with the poor as many as I can. I’ll try to take part with Viet Hearts as a active member for the next charity trips. I don’t have many obstacles or barriers to volunteer,but the free time is limited…Weekend time is fine Yes beyond the call of duty & some responsibility to the society.As I think a good & transparency charity can bring moral value to the society & the word charity say it all... Then the public relation & communication will be developed & spread out for sure!

What impact would winning have on the employee?

I really like this sentence: If you can not do the great things,then do the small things in the great ways. I just want to show & share charity activities so that people around can think about & all for positive thinking.... very simple... No mater how I can get the award or not.But the only thing I can be sure that I can get..that is the deep HAPPINESS in my mind! and i'm really happy for that.. that's all!

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