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DHL CSR - NCG Project

  • By Alan Del Rosario · Philippines, The, APEC


DHL CSR - NCG Project

Main aim of the charity

Help shape and protect the environment. And reach out to share basic learning regarding personality and character development leading to a positive reintegration in the society.

How the employee got involved and why

This is the CSR project of our Network Control Group. We want to share and give back to the community. We want to share them the knowledge and the skills that we have, where they can also benefit. We want to get involve and help in everyone's cry in saving our environment.

What work does the employee do for charity?

Teaching and supporting unprivileged children and sustainability environment.

What impact would winning have on the charity?

In the Philippines, we have the Arbor Day Act of 2012, stating every Filipino must plant 1 tree per year. By continually doing this, we raised the awareness in the society not only in the Phils. but throughout the World on the importance of planting and saving trees. It will not only help us but our future generations. In preserving our environment and the unfavorable effects of climate change. Education is one of the country's problems especially in Rural Areas where indigenous people still exists. By reaching out and giving them guidance, education is one of the predictors of success in children. Giving them our time and some joy that they will forever cherish.

What impact would winning have on the employee?

Winning this project will have a great impact on us, because it will ignite the fire in us to continue doing this outreach programs that we have started. these activities is our way of giving back to them and the success is merely to the people that we have helped and reached out. With the support were getting, it gives us more energy to do future activities and extend to other communities that will benefit and really needs our support.

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