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Differently Able-d Children

  • By Atai Aloka · Uganda, SSA


Differently Able-d Children

Main aim of the charity

The main aim is to take care, raise and give love to children suffering from autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy and under development, raising them as normal children and giving them education at the rate in which their brain can take it ensuring that they live even longer years while hear on earth, fulfilled lives at that.

How the employee got involved and why

At the end of August, my friend and i purposed to celebrate our birthdays this year with a home of those in need. After consultations and research, we settled on the Differently-Abled Children's Home in Kakiri. This is home to children with Autism, cerebral palsy, underdevelopment and down syndrome. Children whose daily lives have been disrupted due to a disability or slowed rate of growth and adaption to life has been made difficult that they need help to get around. These are children who because of their conditions have been rejected by society and their families too calling them cursed and or bewitched. Our contact, Sandra Nabuule of African Empowerment Hub Uganda linked us to the home and after contact, we agreed on when we could visit and what could be carried for the children. We rallied our friends, on whats app and Facebook not to waste money on fancy dinners or birthday gits but instead gift the children of the Differently-Abled home in Kakiri. We raised altogether $643 which we then used to buy numerous items from much needed mattresses, diapers, foodstuffs and also contribute 13% of the money in cash for medical treatment.While at the home, we were allowed to move around and while there we noticed that most of the children slept with their mattresses on the cold cemented floor and my heart broke, i couldn't imagine that even after being rejected by society, they were barely getting the basic needs because of resources. A week prior to our visit, the home had lost one of their children who had been integrated back to his family but they believe that because of poor care at home, his condition deteriorated. due to limited resources, the model run is attempting to develop the childcare alongside their families and from time to time are taken back home to grow up normally but this is clearly not working. If they had much needed assistance externally, they would then be able to fully take care of the children in the home they are building to be more inclusive and well equipped to handle the children. The visit enabled me to appreciate the gift of life more and more and also to realize that everyone born into this world remains a HUMAN BEING most of all. Lutgard and i are now running an online campaign known as Beds4Differently-Able-d (B4DA) to provide crank beds for the children and get them off the floor. Below are links to our blogs for reference. https://wordpress.com/block-editor/post/murrielatai.wordpress.com/197 https://medium.com/@evyshirley/differently-able-d-92594d73ea1a https://wordpress.com/block-editor/post/murrielatai.wordpress.com/193

What work does the employee do for charity?

Currently, we are running a fundraising campaign on whats app, and our blog posts to raise money to buy crank beds for the home and the children, These will get them off the bare floor, ease feeding and movements in and around the homes without creating much discomfort for the children. We are also in the process to have an online payment platform (payment link) for easier visibility purposes and accountability to all those giving to the cause. We've contracted a carpenter who will be making the beds and for all payments made, beds will be delivered. We've so far raised a total $270 out of $1370 that we have to collect. Once we are able to give them that, we can then undertake more projects to get the children as comfortable and in a loving environment as possible.

What impact would winning have on the charity?

Winning would move the home and children into a better place than they are, the family taking care of them is struggling with finances because of the increasing number of children and the non interest from the parents of the children in the community. Winning would hasten our capabilities in enabling the home to provide the basic needs needed for proper childhood development, They currently have shelter, but cannot have full meals everyday. The nearest health center is not fully capable of handling the children when they fall ill due to their special needs and giving them the basic care and proper dietary meals will boost their immunity and reduce their risk to disease. this then increases our threshold on what can be done especially within the community; sensitization and training, medical camps to raise awareness about the conditions, how to take care of the children among st raising them as normal children giving them love so that they do not leave in isolation as rejected human beings. It would also mean that trained care takers can then be integrated into the program, our beds4differentlyabled (B4DA) children would be realised sooner and more necessities given.

What impact would winning have on the employee?

Winning would bring me so immense joy because i would now be able to give more and at a much faster pace than i am currently able. The smiles on the children's faces, the hope that they can live normal lives, the smiles from the love they receive, the thought that someone out there cares for them completes me and gives me immeasurable peace. When i remember how the children didn't want us to leave after the visit, or the mattresses on the floor while i spend my days in a bed with lots of pillows in comfort, winning will wipe the tears away from my heart. Winning will give me the much needed boost to do much more and give more and it also means that more children can be taken care of.

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