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Education for Transformation

  • By Wasiu Moshood · Nigeria, SSA


Wasiu Moshood

Main aim of the charity

The main aim is to arrest the alarming failure rates normally recorded by final year secondary school students, in Mathematics. This has majorly contributed to a higher level of school drop-outs. There is a pressing need to reverse this situation, hence we embarked on Free Intensive Coaching in Mathematics within our immediate community, to start with.

How the employee got involved and why

I live in a community where the populace is largely constituted by low-income earners and the majority of them are living below the poverty line. They can hardly afford qualitative training in difficult subject areas for their children, especially in a subject like Mathematics. And this, has over time, resulted in mass failures in their final exams at the secondary school level. The aftermath of this is a large percentage of students dropping out of school. I was touched by this development and realized that there is a dire need to organize an intervention project to turn the trend around. My involvement started with the writing up of a Mathematics text which is a simplified self -teaching, self-explanatory text to aid students learning experience and build their knowledge base and confidence in Mathematics. Then and again, a Free Intensive Coaching in Mathematics was organized with a selected number of indigent students across secondary schools in my community. A number of Instructors( Colleagues and Friends) were invited on a weekend basis to participate in the program, using my Mathematics text as instruction material. We went a step further by introducing a Whatsapp platform meant to serve as an academic and career solution center for our array of students now and in the future. This platform is working as a one-stop solution point for academic and career challenges. A number of subject matter experts and career professionals were added on this platform with the sole intention of providing free answers and solutions to challenges faced in academics and careers by student users.

What work does the employee do for charity?

I am the Project Initiator, the Chief Instructor, and Financier of the project. Some friends also served as either Guest Instructors or Co-organizers.

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